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Tattoo Removal Laser

The Medlite C-6 laser is a “q-switched” ND Yag Laser that is very sophisticated by all reasonable accounts. It offers a wide variety of wavelengths, spot sizes (treatment area), power adjustments and 3 different optical laser heads for specific tasks. It is commonly known as the “Tattoo Removal Laser" because of it's outstanding ability to remove all tattoos regardless of color, age or complexity.

How many treatments are required to remove tattoos:
The average number of treatments required to remove tattoos of "standard" (ie. blue/black) inks is +/- 3-5 treatments. For multicoloured tattoos, additional treatments are typical as colored inks tend to be more technically difficult to treat.

How often will I need to be treated:
Normally, we request 2 weeks between treatments.

Are treatments uncomfortable:
Treatment may be mildly uncomfortable but little to no discomfort is experienced when topical anaesthetic cream is used prior to the procedure (ie. EMLA).

Are there any side effects from treatment with the Medlite - C6:
Minimal side effects are encountered with this laser because it is adapted to it’s main task of tattoo removal in an efficient and comfortable manner.

How much should I expect to pay to have my tattoo removed:
The cost of the treatment itself ranges between $99- $599/treatment with most falling within the $99-$199/treatment range. Our one-time consultation fee is $150+tax.