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SmartXide DOT Laser

The SmartXide DOT is a great innovation for patients who have been using Botox and dermal fillers who would like to do a bit more for their skin's texture or for the folds or lines these treatments can't address. It is also an excellent choice for patients who prefer a non-injection solution for skin rejuvenation.

Rothesay Laser Clinic is now offering treatments with this remarkable new laser. After months of research, we able to offer you the best technology in this new class of light based treatments: ablative fractional CO2 laser therapy. The SmartXide DOT combines the low downtime and safety profile of fractional techniques with effectiveness approaching that of traditional ablative CO2 laser - the gold standard in skin resurfacing.

By using carbon dioxide, this new technique safely breaks down old dysfunctional collagen and discoloration and triggers new, robust collagen synthesis. The skin thickens, its appearance improves and it becomes much healthier. Skip the long weeks of hiding out to recover and give this new therapy a try!

Why SmartXide DOT is The Best Choice

There are a vast range of patients we can safely treat, including those with distressing acne scarring or severe wrinkles. We can also treat patients with early photo-aging such as sun spots, textural issues including fine lines, crêpe-like wrinkling, loss of elasticity and enlarged pores.

With the SmartXide DOT, we are able to safely treat non-facial areas which pose their own challenges. The SmartXide DOT also works perfectly around the eye, an area that typically has been hard to satisfactorily treat. Even with surgery, crêpiness, discoloration and lines can persist.

Why SmartXide DOT is great for patients:

Comfort and choice. SmartXide DOT therapy is relatively painless with topical numbing gel and cold air cooling. You can choose to have one big treatment with a week down time or a series of gentler treatments which deliver great results over a longer time frame. We can also vary application during one treatment session. For example, if you have some age spots and sun damage as well as more severe lines around your mouth or eyes, we can perform a lighter treatment over the full face and increase the intensity in the wrinkled region. The same thing can be done with acne scars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Rothesay Laser Clinic prices are based on the size of the area you would like to treat. Contact us by phone at (506) 847-8302, or by email at to book a consultation.